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You maybe one person to the world, but you could also be the world to one person<333
Hey there witty people:)
The name is Madison Alysa Teeter
Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes
I go to Erwin Middle and play as number 19 for the beast of a soccer team! (undefeated)
I love to draw, sing, write, travel, play soccer, hang out with my friends, and just think and listen to music sometimes to figure things out in my life.  I've been on witty for three years now and I have to say I am truly inspired by all you ladies out there:) I know that times can get tough, but if we can stick together we can make it through absolutely on a further note..i also have a lot of quotes..not all of them are good but with everything I do I try my best at so knock yourself out and take a look at them if you want:) I am a very random person and for those who know me know that I'm the most random and blonde person you will ever meet. Oh and as for the relationship status goes? I'm single and loving it:) I recently got my heartbroken but I'm on the road to recovery because of my awesome friends that I love to dearly<3 so for now im just taking Dori's advice and I'm just gonna keep swimming

Quotes by soccergurl

That Mini Heartattack You Get

when soap bottles fall off the tub ledge and you almost pee yourself

How Amazingly Awesome

your calf muscles look in the shower when you shave

                                 &and realize your no good for me
                                           >>>sooner or later</3

that were spending our Friday night
on witty :)
(and have no problem with it)

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** * * * * * ** **

Oh and the thoughts that run through my head
when somebody says his name...

                                     One of the symptoms
                                            of Lunesta
is drowsiness.  
                                                                                          No really point in that huh?

&And She Will Be Lov e d

Just because we broke up;
doesn't mean you have to ignore me.

Somewhere, There Is Someone That Thinks That You Are Their Everything.
They may not know it yet. But you are.  They will think you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world. Because, simply, you are.  They will hold you in their arms and tell you they love you so many times.  So stop worrying that your always going to be alone and never find the one for you. Have fun with your life because you only have one chance.  Be wild and crazy with your friends.  Be random. Live your life to the fullest.  Don't listen to what anyone else thinks, you are your own person and no one else can change that.  You have the power to live your own life.  So stop worrying about all the little things, it will handle itself.  Take a break and relax every once in a while.  You deserve it.   Even though you think you don't, you do.  Follow what you want and love in your life, nobody else's.

Chase What Matters.