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You maybe one person to the world, but you could also be the world to one person<333
Hey there witty people:)
The name is Madison Alysa Teeter
Blonde Hair & Blue Eyes
I go to Erwin Middle and play as number 19 for the beast of a soccer team! (undefeated)
I love to draw, sing, write, travel, play soccer, hang out with my friends, and just think and listen to music sometimes to figure things out in my life.  I've been on witty for three years now and I have to say I am truly inspired by all you ladies out there:) I know that times can get tough, but if we can stick together we can make it through absolutely on a further note..i also have a lot of quotes..not all of them are good but with everything I do I try my best at so knock yourself out and take a look at them if you want:) I am a very random person and for those who know me know that I'm the most random and blonde person you will ever meet. Oh and as for the relationship status goes? I'm single and loving it:) I recently got my heartbroken but I'm on the road to recovery because of my awesome friends that I love to dearly<3 so for now im just taking Dori's advice and I'm just gonna keep swimming

Quotes by soccergurl

don't follow your dreams;
se Them.

I still don't have the
&you don't have the

&and Am I The Only One
who refreshes their page
over and over
again to see
if their quote gets anymore

Give me something to believe in
'Cause I don't believe in you anymore, anymore
I wonder if it even makes a difference to try
Yeah, so this is


thank you,
Rebecca Black for letting
me know Sunday comes
after Saturday..I would be
so lost without you.


a penny!
*crouches down and gets*

aha only me??

&and I'm the kinda girl
that loves the simple things
you don't have to do much
just hold me close and
tell me your feelings
just make sure
what you say
is true

{[(I'm still not over you)]}

I'm sick and tired
I'm sick of being there for everyone and their problems
I'm sick of no one doing the same for me
I'm sick of hurting and the double standards

I'm just sick

I guess I'm just
like a magnet to

bad relationships
&and I'm getting
tired of it


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