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Day 2 - Letter 2 - Your Crush  

ear Anthony,
I like you. I really do.
I like you a lot.
You already know this because were going out.
But sometimes it doesn't really feel like it.
I mean apparently you like me.
But its been over a month and you've called me like once.
I am not calling first.
I'd like to because I want to talk to you
But, your the guy its your job to call me,
not the other way around.
Its hard to like you more than a crush when you never ever call.


Say you're with me
there's gold ahead
There's golden dreams
I never knew love,
Until I met you.
I just want to say sorry
for every time I hurt you
and I want to say sorry in advance
for every time I might hurt you.

-Doubting Thomas
Your my best friend
You always tell your best friend the truth
You could be a hero
you could join the fight
for what's right
Little Mikey D. was the one in class who everyday got brutually harrased
This went on for years until he decided that never again would he shed another tear
So he walked through the door, grabbed a four four out of his father's drawer
And said I can't take life no more
And like that life can be lost
But this ain't even about that
All of us just sat back and watched it happen
Thinkin' it's not my responsibility to solve a problem that isn't about me
This is our problem
This is just one of the daily scenarios which we choose to close our eyes
Instead of doing the right thing
If we make a choice and be the voice for those who won't speak up for themselves
How many lives would be saved,changed,rearranged
Now it's our time to pick a side
So don't keep walkin' by
Not wantin' to intervene
Cause you wanna exist and never be saved
So let's wake up and change the world
Our time is now

PLEASE read!
its worth it i promise
Where am I supposed to look?!
Your woman is
E V E R W H E R E!

Hey Becky, look out for that hippopotamus behind you.
Oh sorry, you know, you really ought to put some reflectors on that thing.


I cook, I clean, I iron
I'm starting to sound like my mother.

Full House<33