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Quotes by soccerloverx03x

Hearing yourself oa recording,

and immediately asking "Do I really sound like that?"

Admit it, you've googled yourself.


want to slap you hard and say,


That amazing moment
when you get a good grade on a test you didn't even study for."





If I had a snowflake

for everytime I thought of you,

we'd have a really white Christmas <3

-Charlie Brown


jayciecutie01 format

I wish
    I could pick my classmates every year...


That awkward moment when  

you finally take a decent picture and then as you continue to stare it gets uglier.



"there are 18 letters in the alphabet right?"

"no, 26..." "oh yeah i forgot u, r, a, b, i, t, c, h" 


spending a halhour;
    just trying to find a new priofile picture.

im back♥

That awkward moment

when you get out of the shower

 and you don't have a towel