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Hello Everyone!! I'm Makayla (: I'm 18 years old... My passion is soccer. Criminal Minds, Pretty Little Liars & One Tree Hill are my favorite TV shows (: Music is my escape from everything. Just remember that everything happens for a reason...& to always follow your heart...comment me if you wanna know more about me or if you need someone to talk to! I'm always looking forward to meeting new people & helping anyone (:

Quotes by soccermm

I just wanted to say that I'm going to be leaving witty. I've met a few amazing people on this website that I'll stay friends with in the future. But I'm just done using this website now. I feel like I've outgrown it. Also it's not the same as it was when I joined. If I ever talked to you before..leave you kik below and we can keep in touch (: but I guess all I have left to say is goodbye witty.
when I was in grade 12...a guy I was doing a project with(we never talked before this) was asking me who I liked so naturally I told him because basically everyone knew anyways and I asked him who he liked and he looked around and said that guy over there while casually pointing to the guy and I smiled and said ohhh he's cute good choice and he looked at me weird and he asked me why I didn't seem suprised that he likes guys and I said that I didn't know but I didn't care if he liked guys or girls and he hugged me and said that I was the first person to not judge him. it saddens me that he was suprised that I didn't judge him. no one should be judging him or anyone else. why are people so judgemental?
I'm afraid that I'm pushing people away but i just have nothing to say to anyone.
I'm on the top now quotes..just let me get up off the floor..
an apple a day keeps the doctor away,
but if the doctor is cute forget the fruit (;
i just wanna disappear
Q: How do I achieve my goal, when the road is full of water?

A: first, you've gotta stay focused on the main goal but also figure out a way to get past or through the water. second, be willing to stray from your original plan just a little bit in order to get through the obstacles that come your way because you'll learn that no matter what happens you'll eventually find your way back onto the path towards success. third, if you aren't sure which way to do something.. do it both ways and see which works best. also no matter what happens 'just keep swimming, just keep swimming' (: I hope you'll  be able to achieve your goal.
I wanna try something.
My friends say I'm good at giving advice.
So I wanna do something with it to help all of you.
Comment questions; problems about boys, family, friends, people you hate; concerns. It really doesn't matter. ANYTHING.
I'll make a quote to answer the question.
I won't change the question at all. 
I really wanna do this!

saying goodbye to a very good friend who i'm trying to stop liking was very hard but we didnt say goodbye..we said cya later so i know we will be seeing eachother again (:
yesterday I snuck out at 10pm to have my best guy friend take me to the airport so I could say goodbye to a very good guy friend of mine when he goes back to his hometown..his flight was at 3am and my guy friend had work at 6am...he sacrificed his whole nights sleep to do this for me and didn't complain once. he also bought me and my other guy friend who he was never very fond of starbucks (: I seriously have the best guy friend in the whole wide world.