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Hi my name is Libby!
I love to play soccer, hang out with friends and listen to music!
My friends make me happy and I don't know what I would do without them:)  I Do follow for follow! Thanks soo much for my followers! Love you all!
Please check out my awesome cousins profile MusicIsLove563 and my best friend Cassidy_Skye10 and GorgeousOnTheInside

Hi my name is Libby.
I love playing soccer, hanging out with friends, and listening to music!
I love my friends, I don't know what I would do without them!
I do follow for follow! 
I love all my followers! Thank you soo much! Love you all!
Please check out my awesome cousin, MusicIsLove563 and my best friend Cassidy_Skye10 and GorgeousOnTheInside!

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Quotes by soccerocks16

Dancing with the one he really loves:(
How amny times does witty have to CHANGE. :( :( Its annoying


Only me?
Mom- Clean your room.
Me- Ok
Mom- Don't give me that attitude!
Me- I'm gonna go grab a package of cookies and waters and I will see you in a week. I am going to my room. This is what it has come too!!!!



I am reading all of these 


That say they want to lose weight

While eating a cookie:) 

And i'm like maybe I should consider that


I want to be the only hand

 You ever need to hold.


OneDirection/lyrics from: one step closer  

 A journey of a thousand miles.
Must Begin With A Single Step.



Maybe one day,
I can find someone,

Who I can ant normal for.
And be Myself.


Dear Petco,

Please make a toy that my dog can't rip up.
Me when my brother coughs- Be quiet I cant here what song is in this persons witty profile!!!!

Me when my dog coughs- OMG are you ok do you have to go to the vet? Did I pull the leash to hard. Are you hurt.? Does your neck really hurt? Is it broken. OMG this is awful!

You know you have a best friend when, 

You can never be seperated, You have the best laughs, no one can make you mad at eachother.
You think about eachother when your apart. When your together you never wish for another life. 

When you mean the world to them.
And they mean the world to you.