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Hey! My name is Sarah! I'm really bad at writing this kind of stuff so sorryy :(

I love to play soccer! I like to have a good time and hang out with my friends!! i love the summer time and going to the bbbeeeaaccchhh! :) I love the British/Irish boyband One Direction!

Liam<3 Louis<3 Harry<3 Niall<3 Zayn<3

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My best friend is Swimmer2000. She is awesome, hilarious, fun, and a amazing friend so follow her! Thanks! :)

Quotes by soccersocks

Was my school the only  
one that freaked out 


12/12/12 12:12 ?



I'm too lazy to even blink.

It's finally starting to feel like Christmas time!

Yessss (:

Home with family: Sits on couch with headphones in, quietly lip syncing to music.

Home alone: Blasts music, dances around, sings along at the top of my lungs.
Yup, that's pretty much my life.

That     Akward   Moment

When you forget to put milk in your cereal

True Story

Hey Wittians!

My best friend


is writing a story!

It's really good so

read it!!


Seeing a picture of

someone on facebook

and thinking, "they're

really pretty"

Then seeing them in real life and thinking, "wow you're really good at photoshopping"

*scrolling through Top Quotes on Witty*
*faves a bunch of quotes*

 *Realizes the quotes you just faved were all by the same person*

Me: "OMG, they prob thought I stalked their page!"

*unfave, unfave, unfave*

Me trying to flirt with a guy:

Me: hey, um feel my shirt....
Guy: *feels shirt*
Me: it's girlfriend material
Me:*walks away shamefully*


That akward moment when Tom Daley is happier then the Chinese who got silver and he got bronze.