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-Iloveyou always
 especially today

my name is Breanna
 I'm the one on the right. i play soccer... and that's pretty much it.


Quotes by soccerstarx2

I wonder if anyone that usually gets top quotes are getting any this weekend..

fave if you think witty should only allow one quote per person a day. <3

fave this if you think
it's really annoying how the same people get all the top quotes, and steve should limit a user to one quote a day.

are you a camera?
cause whenever i look at you, i smile

dear guy sitting next to me,
I can see you copying my test. Sincerely, joke's on you,
I didn't study either.


i wish memories were like text messages
we could delete the ones we don't like, and lock the ones we love

I remember 2011
like it was yesterday 
hi babyy<3333:)
Who is this? sorry i lost all my contacts

your wonderful girlfriend <3



did steve make a limit on only having 50 pages of favorites?