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Hello my wonderful wittians. No one will probably read this but im going to write one anywyas. Well as you can see i absolutly love soccer and track. I also love to sing, but i suck and am really obnoxious when i sing so yeah if you like that lets go on a long car ride:)   If you like my quotes, follow me. If you're going to be rude...BYE LEAVE.  I love to talk so if you want advice or just someone to talk to I'm here:) 
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Quotes by soccertrack

 Bucket List #56

Steal a donut truck. Get in a high speed chase with

police. Watch police chase down the donut truck.
The funny thing about this sentence is that
by the time you realize it says absolutely nothing, it will be too late to stop reading.
Bucket List #55

Locate the security camera in a store. Stand in front of it. Hold up a sign that says, "I know you're watching me."
Bucket List #54

Find someone wearing camouflage. Walk into them. Say, "Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't see you there!"
LIFESAVERS~ in the classroom ~

The children began to identify the flavors by their colors.
Red - Cherry
Yellow - Lemon
Green - Lime
Orange - Orange

So, the teacher gave them all honeylifesavers. None of the children knew the flavor.
The teacher decided to give them a hint.
“It’s what your mother might call your father.”
One little girl looked up in horror.
Spit out her lifesaver and yelled

in french,
you don't really say "I miss you."
You say, "tu me manques"
which literally means,
"you are missing from me"...
Person: You're really pretty
Me: Are you making fun of me?
My Dad said if I keep typing really loudly he's going to smash my face into the keyagfkbg43gaf56
After Tuesday, even the calendar goes

50 degrees in the fall: Man, where's my jacket?

50 degrees in the spring: F/ck yeah, it's finally warm again!

50 degrees in Florida: Oh god, I think I'm gonna get frostbite. Where the f/ck did I put my parka? Jesus Christ, we're all gonna die a cold, icy death.
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