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Quotes by soccerxxoo

Does anyone else lay in

bed at night and wish you were

 in his arms?

 With your head on his chest, while he plays with your hair?

I mean.. yeah, me either


  He's the only boy, who can make my heart beat faster and slower,

At the same time. 


He's absolutely perfect

Every single thing about him.


Why is it impossible

for me to explain how i

actually feel?


I deny it everyday,

but she makes you happier than i ever could..  

You tell me that i'm the reason for your smile,

but when i take a step back,

i realize she'll always be the one that's better for you.

His laugh is my favourite noise,
it gets me through each day.
His voice is my favourite sound,
it forces the tears away.

Life's hard.. Keep your head up though, one day it'll be worth it.

When im not talking to you,
I can honestly say..

I feel lost

I miss you.

I miss you.

I miss you.

I miss you.

I'm happy for you


I really want a witty bestfriend.

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