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My name is Kayla Nicole____
I live in a small town somewhere in Wisconsin, but what town isnt small when you live in wisconsin? Anywhooo for the most part I'm pretty easy to get along with unless your just like super annoying. I will not in fact i refuse to dislike you before i get to know you, its just not fair or morally right. If you do base on looks than lordy hate me now because I most likely will not reach your expectations if your that self centered. I may seem like im a bitch but im really not i just cant stand when people dont know the difference between right and wrong. Im not saying im perfect i have made mistakes and just so you can understand what I mean ill tell you some of my mistakes
1) I was a stoner for almost a year
2) I go to parties with my friends a lottttt
3) I've cheated on a guy before 
4) I've said "i love you" and did not mean it
5)I lie to my parents almost every single day
6) I've lied about my age so that older guys would talk to me
7) I tell my paretns my boyfriend and i havent done anything yet but that a complete lie
8) I have stolen from a store before
9) In 7th grade i got caught for drinking @ a party @ my house that my sister that was a sophomore at the time and i threw together.
10) I move way to quickly in relationships.
If your still reading this I love you no matter where you come from or who you might have been in the past.
If your nice to me ill be nice to you, as simple as that
Thanks for reading(:

"Treat others as you would like to be treated"
a simple quote that has so much meaning but noone i have ever met has followed it.

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Every girl should go listen to More Beautiful

You by Jonny Diaz. It saved my life.
Hearing someone you hate laugh
Wanting to stick forks in your ears and twist them

Ladies please help!

I've been dating my boyfrined for almost six months now and I love him, i really do. But lately my ex has been texting me a lot and flirting with me a lot and I never got fully over him. I still have feelings for him and I know it. How do i tell my boyfriend of almost six months that i still have feelings for my ex, but i have no intention of breaking up with him. I just feel like he has the right to know how im feeling but I dont want to hurt him.
Please Help!
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thigh gap
thigh ga
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three slices of pizza
Please Read!
I want everyone to know that before you pick up that blade, before you take the fire to your skin,before you take all those pills, before you grab that gun, before you find a rope, that there are people there for you.
Always no matter who you are. If you think you have no one you always have me.
I know whats it like to get broken with every word, I know what its like to be ignored by him that feeling that no one is there for you ever, I know that feeling you get when your parents are always fighting, I know the feeling when you sit every night in your room and cry, and cry, none stop for so many hours.
I know, I've been through almost all situations before. Don't be afraid to ask for help because i can promise you, that someone is always there for you. 
Honestly, if you feel like theres no one there. Comment me and ill give you my
Email | Number | Facebook Name | 
anything you need to feel comfortable to talk to me
I'm here, always


If you are of the male gender
And can quote Mean Girls
Please be my new bestfriend


Babe, if you thought that you were ugly, i dont think that you would spend a lot of time doing your makeup:b besides, ive seen you in clothes, ive seen you in really nice clothes, ive seen you scrubin, in pajamas. Ive seen you with your hair tied up, with no make up on. Ive seen you upset, mad, sad, smiling, and even sleeping. But to me, your always the same beautiful girl(: Ive seen you in almost every situation possible baby, but i know who YOU are and what YOU stand for. And i love everything about it. You make you, you. And you are amazing.
My boyfriend just sent this to me. Love is out there ladies and gents(:
Confession #2
Today i found out that my mom was stealing my pills that the doctor gave me.
But she lied to me about stealing them
I've never been so hurt in my life.
My boyfriends youngest niece's name is
Havion Journey
i think it is the cutest name on this Earth.
I think this because his sister made her middle name Journey because it was a journey to conceive her.
Because she had a baby, tried three more times but had two miscarriages than she had Havion.
I respect his sister so much its not even funny
Love You Havion Journey