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f**k YOLO
give me infinity
No matter what, once in your life, someone will hurt you. That someone will take everything you are, and rip it into pieces and they won't even watch the pieces fall. But through the breakdown you'll learn something about yourself. You'll learn that you're strong. And no matter how hard they destroy you. You can conquer anyone.
 I thought i was over it but then...
i saw him
with her
 people aren´t afraid of HEIGHTS; they´re afraid of FALLING.
they aren´t afraid of SNAKES; they´re afraid of getting BITEN
people aren´t afraid of falling in LOVE
they´re afraid of getting HURT
 i know you 
i walked with  you once upon a dream
i know you the light in your eyes is so familiar a gleam.
talking to friends and praying they´ll mention his name so you have an excuse to talk about him


With you i learned:
what a rose means
to replace words with looks 
a thousand ways to kiss

Ands its because of you
that i wrote more than 100 songs
that i discovered what it means to love

But you forgot one last instruction
because i still don´t know how to live without your love


because all that time i spent with you left its mark in me
if happy ever after did exist then i´d still be holding you like this...
even the sun sets in paradise
today when my math teacher gave me my exam she ACTUALLY laughed at me.