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Getting Better

Haven't really talked to him since Friday, he's been busy with His brother's birthday and homework and the Super Bowl. Mayyjorr sports fan. I'm excited to see him tomorrow though, I'll see him after 1st period, and I'll see him at the end of the day & he'll hug me. The usual

Today I decided I'm going to start writing in a notebook everything about our friendship, what I feel, things I never got to say, and I'll give it to him towards the end of the school year. I have to fill up 70 pages. 14 down. Uhhhggg..

We may encounter a problem...I like this guy. & well. I think he maybe could like me back. I want to be his girlfriend so badly... There's only one thing holding me back. Trevor. What if we fall apart? What is he thinks I forgot about him? I won't be around him much anymore because I'll be spending much time with the guy I like. I don't know, I'm over thinking everything.

What if Trevor gets mad at me...? We are almost like we're dating, but we're not. He doesn't talk to other girls, and expects me not to talk to other guys. We don't go around saying everything we say to each other to other people. I don't know. I just don't want to rock the boat. Help?

Right now we're good, so I'm not going to bring anything up to him yet.
It's been 13 days.
& I think we're

Getting Better.
Some of you are just trying to FIT IN. Fit in where? in the "cool group". Some of you deny it, some of you replace your friends just to hang out with them for a while. You stare at them as if they were GODESSES. You want to be invited to one of those parties so much. Piece of advice friends like those don't last and a party is not a party without your girls.
So while you are there living your life with some girl here I am watching every step you make. Poor pathetic me
Many fish in the sea but you will always be my NEMO