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Hey! I am rachel the girl on the right. The other girl is my best friend Kiara. She is amazing, and the best person ever.

My sister, my best friend <3

Quotes by softballgurl10

You are gonna have horrible moments .
You are gonna have to loose someone you love.
You will get your heart broken. You will break many hearts. You will fail tests. You will have fights with your friends. You will have break ups.
But without those moments your beautiful moments wouldn't be so amazing.
So don't worry,
smile. It gets easier.


You never stop loving someone ,
you just learn to live without them.

There is nothing
more beautiful  than a girl with confidence.



It was a  typical tuesday,
I was walking in town with my two friends.
We were laughing and talking about our days.
We were crossing the street and all of a sudden,
a voice I recognized told me to stop.
So I stopped. And I looked up and my friend was under a cars,
tire. She got it by a car.
It happened so fast,
I struggled to find my phone and call 911.
I still don't know who told me to stop,
or why I did.
Why that wasn't me under the car.
But, that incident really showed me that life is a gift.
That you never know what is going to happen.
That  voice  saved me 
My friend is fine. She hurt her leg really bad.
She just go tout of surgery.


He doesn't see,
I'd do anything to be his everything


My  favorite thing about
witty is,

  looking back at my old quotes and knowing exactly who I wrote it about,
it's like my own personl story book.

"When your with him ,

make memories one day you can tell your grandchildren. "
-my grandmother



I hate when i see two people
flirt when they are both dating other people. 

Watching him  with children ,
and thinking,
one day he will make an amazing father.

Everyone has that
one kid in their grade that everyone is secretly in love with.