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He Knows
that i hate when people look at me. i feel self conscious because i feel like people are noticing my flaws.
i went over to his house tonight and he wouldn't stop looking at me. "why do you keep looking at me like
that? you know i hate that.." "i'm sorry but i can't stop. you're so beautiful." i love him so much. <3

If you've ever been called
put this as your quote
[]'s it


tell me something no one knows about you?(:

i watch chick flicks. i want that stuff to happen to me.
like what stuff?

best friends falling in love.

is he perfect or what? <3

me & him talking..
we're fighting over who loves eachother more (:

him: how can i prove i love you more?:)
me: make me happy. like 100% happy. nothing makes me happy anymore. i'm a sad kid. you make me happy though..but like majority of the time im faking that im happy. yay for fake smiles (:
him: well i want to be the one that makes you 100% happy
me: why?
him: cause i care about you so much..
me: why? i'm not special..
him: you are to me :)

fjkdal;s this kid.. makes me smile at my phone screen like an idiot..

you need this.

it's saved my life so many times.
it helps so much.
try it. if you liked it, fave this quote so others can enjoy it too.


-making someone who looks sad smile-a simple compliment from a stranger-old couples-holding doors for strangers who say thanks-long road trips at night-looking through old pictures-the smell after it rains-looking through school work from when you were young-fresh bread-sleeping on clean sheets-the first night of summer-the originality of peoples handwriting-when someone remembers something you said-people who smile no matter what-cute sneezes-people who remember you after meeting you once-hugs from behind-recalling fun times you had together, with your best friend-when a baby/little kid holds your finer-people who except you-laughing until your stomach hurts-knowing that you're loved-random compliments-watching old tv shows from your child hood-seeing a baby laugh-kisses on the forehead-wearing his clothes-inside jokes-nutella-driving in the car, windows down, on a summer day without a care in the world-warm clothes that just came out of the dryer-getting mail-good hugs-non-awkward silence-popping bubble wrap-being missed-the cold side of the pillow-marathons of your favorite tv show-peeing after holding it in for long time-catching up with an old friend-jeans that fit perfectly-long naps-untouched snow-songs that make you wanna dance-late night conversations-putting on legit underwear after wearing a thong all day-the sound of a perfect high-5-looking at old yearbooks-when you catch him looking at you-a new toothbrush-when he/she smells nice-just shaved legs-





the little things in life #1..



the little things in life #1..