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Lol. Who actually reads these things?

Quotes by softballlover123

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Nobody knows when it will get better,
but it will. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. But someday it will get better, and you're going to look back on these moments when you were weak and say "It did get better"
Girls always say "He has a girlfriend, and I just realized I'm in love with him </3"
Then they always get sympathy from other girls saying "Take him back!"
Have you ever thought of the other girl that he's happy with? Have you only realized you like him because he's with another girl? Or do you actually like him, and not feel lonely?
Maybe she makes him happy, gives him something you couldnt have given to him.
Yeah it sucks, but you had a chance. You never took it, that's your fault.

Okay and that's my rant guys, it was just making me angry
Even with my glasses, no makeup, and a million zits on my forehead, my boyfriend still calls me beautiful everyday, and he loves my stubborness, my innocence, my bitchiness, my bipolarness, and  I'm just lucky to call him mine :)
Guys... I have a confession to make...
I think I'm falling in love with him.

Sometimes i wish i could run away from my fears and hide forever.

I have never ever felt more alone than right now. Because of you.
Is it sad that I compare my boyfriend and Channing Tatum?
Have you ever looked at someone and thought,
"One day you might be our future president."
Most teenage girls like the football player.
No I'm the one who likes the mascot .