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Lol. Who actually reads these things?

Quotes by softballlover123

So today in my math class,
a student helper came into the room
and gave my math teacher, Gilbertson, a piece of paper.
Gilbertson says, very surprised,
"Ohmygosh! I can't believe it!"
and this kid behind me says
"What? Did you get into Hogwarts?
You're a wizard Gilbertson"
Everyone started laughing
and my teacher didn't know what we were talking about
So at church today,
I saw my old classmate
in the back of the church,
so during the peace offering
he waved towards me
and i waved back
an older waved back at me
with a smile....

Ever notice how Peter Pan was a bit of a pedophile?

I don't know....
I was just watching

Putting your seatbelt on when you
get in the car...



nuff' said.



Best white rapper ever. Legit

I feel sorry for you, you who is calling me fat and ugly, not me, you. You wanna know why? Because I am so sorry that you guys will grow up to be complete ashholes and douchb#gs in the future.
I am sorry for you.

Dear Guys,

Keep calling us beautiful,
and we'll turn into freakin' Marilyn Monroe.

Quit calling us that, we know you're just doing it for follows


Yes I do add winky faces and flirt with you,
No it does not mean i want to go all the way with you












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