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Quotes by softballxlove2

'Cause when I close my eyes and drift away,
I think of you and everything's okay..

Two Is Better Than One;
Boys Like Girls & Taylor Swift

And the first time I saw you,
I   c o u l d n ' t   h e l p   ; ;   b u t   s t a r e .
You were full of imperfections,
but those ixmxpxexrxfxexcxtxixoxnxs,
were what I loved.
You told me time and time again,
that you weren't perfect,
but you were perfect,
x  f o r  x  me 
Your world is my world,
A n d  m y  f i g h t  ; ;  i s  y o u r  f i g h t ,
My breath is your breath,
And your heart..

One Time ;; Justin Beiber