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Most of these quotes aren't mine

Quotes by softballxwin27

How to take a test:
cry on the paper and the choice closest to your tear is the answer


I am beach deprived.


Am I the only one who tries to find pictures in marble?


11:30- I will go to bed.

3:30- Why am i on Wikipedia reading about advanced nuclear theory.


*Joins social network and is never social again*

Deja Moo: The feeling that you've heard this bull before.


A giraffe walks into a bar, orders 6 vodkas and shame on you for expecting a punch line. 

This giraffe needs help.


When my mom doesn't shut my door all the way,
a little part of me dies.


You're a good example of why

Some animals eat their young.

Today I bought a pack of nuts. On the packet it said "WARNING: MAY CONTAIN NUTS."
Well I'd be a bit disappointed if I opened it and a sock fell out.