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Quotes by soiinlov3

moving on isnt tha hard part ...its wut ur leaving behind that makes it so difficult.
ii told myself that i wuld make sum changes but tha more i change theres wun thyng that remains tha same ..i kant s3em 2 shake ya u s3em 2 really have a hold on m3e and everytime that we break up we turn around and make up this kant go on now i gotta move on now its not tha fact that i dunt love u but i gotta break this bad habbit cant take this bad habbit no more`~destiny`s .child.
and just wen u thynk ur ovur him ..and that u kan actually like sumwun new ...u find out ur styll crazy about him just b3e cuz hes styll crazy about yooh`
love iz an accident waiting 2 happen ..
crushes simply crush yooh ...
let tha thought of m3e be tha reason u smile.
wishing on a star 2night ..searching for "mr.right"

...on a lonely nite i crie myself 2 sl3ep ..
NEVER forget wut ppl say wen they're mad b3e cuz thats wen tha truth comes out ..
best friends are like 4 leaf clovers ...hard 2 find but luckie 2 have
i hate wen ppl ask me if im okaii b3e uc zit onli reminds me that im not.