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Quotes by The Show Off*

Why should I block them when I've got a chance to make them feel jealous!!
Behind your silence something good surprising or only duces??
I feel like I'm a nobody to you now and its killing me!!
the worst time I ever had in my life!!
I try just because I don't want regret in future that I didn't express my feelings to her!!
If you love someone,
tell them..
Just because I'm too late,
I waited too long to tell her how I feel!!
Dont Cheat In Love,

Because Nobody Lucky As Much As You!!
Sometimes music can hurt you more than a person does!!
I can be angry on you;
But I cant ignore you!!
That moment when you want to talk to someone else,
And there's already someone who died to talk to you!!
Love is that feeling which starts with flirting and ends with broken heart!!