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Hey! My name is... none of your business. I'm not new to witty! This is my second account. so... yeah

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Some info about me just incase you care...
So my favorite colors are lavedar and turquoise (yes I am very specific)
My favorite food is pizza although pickles and ice cream are also very delicious.
I wouldn't be here without my two best friends.
My favorite artists are : P!nk, Imagine Dragons, Colton Dixon,Taylor Swift, One Direction, Demi Lovato, Passenger
I love love LOVE  to read preferably paranormal romance but romance, realistic fiction, or fantasy works.
I want to be an English teacher when I am older.
If you ever need to talk I am here for you.



carry on...

Quotes by someoneinhiding

So we all knew this day was coming...

The day in which I say farewell. Sad thing is, I don't really want to. I wish I could stay here. Forever. Reading quotes all day, avoiding homework, but I can't. Barely anyone is on here anymore. Witty isn't the same place it used to be. I remember last summer I was hanging out with my cousin and we spent 3 hours scrolling through 99 pages of quotes tagged "funny". That was one of the best memories. Others were sad. Such as when I came here because there was a trail of blood on my thigh again, or bracelets on my wrist. I've learned a lot here. Witty has been a diary, a friend, a place of exploration. But now I barely go on. Life gets busy and things change. So, witty, this is my goodbye. Its not goodbye forever. It's a goodbye that means I'll see you soon. One that means, I wish you the best. This goodbye is a goodbye in the truest sense of the word.
Thank you to all of the friends I've met on here. I never thought that strangers could have such an impact on me. Users such as JesusIsMySunshine, fionarose, BrighterThanAnyone, ChangeBeautyLove and especially doublesidedice have had impacts on my life you cant even imagine. I wish you all the best. I will still pop in every now and again, and know that Witty will always be my home away from home. 

Kisses xoxoxo stay strong beautifuls
I wish you all the best
( P.S. you can reach me through my tumblr )
WITTY is like a diary... and for that I am ever thankful. In a fight with my boyfriend reading through my quotes reminded me of all the reasons I fell in love with him
Read My Mind
Have you ever noticed how words are all lies
How every single breath we take speaks all the wrong words
Because, God forbid we let someone in
God forbid we let someone take a bulldozer to the walls we’re in
The walls are our home
It has become hard to distinguish between our masks and our faces anymore
This isn’t right
Each smile is a lie
Because my heart is frowning and the only reason you see a smile is because I’m upside down
And each breath is a lie
Because really it is me gasping for air
As in the ocean my body keeps drowning
And every single word I say is a lie
Because I tell you the happy stories
Which aren’t really the words that are racing through my mind
Because, you see, if you were someone such as Edward Cullen and you could read my mind
I would never see you again
You don’t want to read my mind
Because chances are that I’m not thinking of what people are wearing
Or who is dating who
Or you
Or what happened in class
Or the work I have to do
That would be nice though
You see I have a knack for story telling
It gets me far in life.
It helps me keep hiding the thoughts that, although you claim to, you wouldn’t want to see
I can’t let anyone see the real me.
But you keep on pushing
Saying I can help, I’ll expel the demons from your brain
But fear has me trapped tight
Its grip holding me in place, capturing my screams and burying them before they make a sound
You don’t want to know me
Correction, I don’t want you to know me
Because if you could read my mind
If I let my words no longer be lies
Then you would be far far away by now
Running for the hills
Before I had the chance to say thank you
Before I had the chance to tell you
Take that demon with you
If you could read my mind you would see flickering images of my friends bleeding wrists
You would see possibilities of how to end all this
You would hear the words that pierce your heart, taunting, screaming
You would feel the worry of whether or not the people I love will still be alive
You could see the memories that flash through my mind
And you wouldn’t have the time to see the good.
I do see good.
I just don’t talk about that either.
Because the good holds all my secrets
The good holds the key to expelling demons
If I give the good away everything is ruined
Because the good is the one thing keeping me floating
You do not want to read my mind
So for now I will keep building walls
Fading out of existence
Never allowing my pain to make a sound. 
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"Well it's okay... and your emotions are stupid because that is not what your real friends think of you and your mind is playing bad tricks and it's not fair but it's the truth." 
--> My best friend talking to me through a lot of sh/t
He doesn't know it but without him red would still lace my wrists and I wouldn't be alive today
And my mind still hovers over the memory of laying on that trampoline with you, summer sun beating down, bugs crawling around us but our bodies still, with eyes transfixed upon the beauty of the sky. That was one of the many moments I fell in love with you
So I never self promote on here but if you could follow me on tumblr I would appreciate it!
Thanks babes!
People on witty be like:

Him: Are you cold?Do you want my suit jacket)
Me: No I'm fine *smiles*
Him: *Takes my hand* You're freezing
Me: Really I'm fine
Him: *pulls me into a hug* This is nice. *whispering in my ear* This is all I need
We may have our rough patches but he is the only person to ever make me feel beautiful. 

of course I miss you ...
tha'ts actually the only thing i can think about...
but at the same time I'm not going back
to someone who is glad to have me out of their life.