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i love you (:

Quotes by sonny123

Here’s to the kids..
That suck at geography.


you can't control love.
when you fall, you fall hard.
just make sure someone is there to catch you.
Football Games
Why do I keep falling for him?
The only reason China wins all of the olympic events is because
~they made all of the equiptment~

they don't get you like i will,
my only wish is that i die real.

here we go again;
i kinda wanna be more than friends.


& there she goes
falling for the wrong guy. again.

"There's always a part of me that will still love you.
I'm sorry about my heart. It keeps hurting you.
And you don't deserve it. You deserve better."


I dont get the point of cheating. If you're not happy, leave.