Status: Dating my best friends sisters gecko, cuz he can't hurt me, and he doesn't complain about the distance.
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I'm Sophia, I'm 15 and HERE'S SUM STUFF I LIKE!

Fall Out Boy <3
Peirce the Veil

All Time Low
Doctor Who
Ed Sheeran
Adventure Time
Legend of Korra

Phone: 781-231-9671
Snapchat: sophadoo98
And I have a turtle anmed Deven. He's my baby
I have three tame cats, and 32 ferrel cats living in my yard. My 97 year old great-grandmother feeds them.
And I have a dog. She's my life. If you haven't notice I love Animals.

Did I mention I like Patrick Stump???

So this is what you need to know about my views on life
So It's been five months since I've been on here so I have five months worth of stuff to change.
The summer happened. I lost six friends and only three of them are back to where we used to be. Why you ask? Well, I just try to make everyone happy but that never happens. Ever. Don't think you can please everyone because you can't, because everyone hates you because of what you do or don't do. So just everything and let what happens happen. If I figured that out a while ago maybe I wouldn't have cried myself to sleep for three months. 
I'm also being held prisoner in this house. Literally. like all I want to do is go home but I'm stuck in the city by myself on this friday night because nobody cares enough about my mental health to bring me home. This is a daily occurence. People make me sick. I had a breakdown the other day in school and my friends were 100% surprised, because nobody notices I'm depressed or even cares. And I told my family, but they don't care either. I literally have only one friend who has stuck with me through the past three months and I get to actually see her like twice a month if I'm lucky. 
So if you're feeling like a worthless peice of sh*t hmu on one of my links up top ^ and we'll be little sh*ts together.

Everything Fall Out Boy
Remembering Sunday ATL
Bulletproof Love PTV
That's What You Get Paramore
Can You Fell My Heart Bring Me The Horizon


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