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3-11-11 <33

-not anny moree </3 broke up with some one in live with me because i couldent honestly say it back. all thought he may not understannd iknn i  did whats right for him

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And He Used To Txt Me

' ' it s 11; 11' '
And  It  Aways 
 Made  Me  Smile

fav this if.....

you  talking to HIM   ♥


c o m m e n t  i f  y o u  w i s h  y o u  w e r e

i know i've got skill............

i put my phone through a

dish washer cycle




that awkward mo
ment when

your teacher tells you to stop




* not my format



GuYs aRe
 tEn tImEs cUtEr
 iF tHeY pLaY
FOot BaLl


i cant wait to see
15 years from noow!!!!

(he had skewl the next day i dident)
3:00 am

me:  you should go to sleep now
him:  but id much rather talk to you

ill never forget that <3

i wish i could start all over again

 press reset go to a place were i dont have a sign over my head

 saying who i am, who my friends are and all the things in my life

i wish i had never done,started or regret

i wish, i wish, i wish


Each year i say
"i loved last year so much "
"this year will never compare to last year"
 and i realised that it just gets better 

but i don't think ill be saying that next year :(