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im sophie, and im 13. thats pretty much all you need to know about me! i follow back, by the way :) 
leave me a comment! bye, love you


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sophxoxo's Favorite Quotes

*If Hazel was a typical white girl*

"I'm in love with you," he said quietly.

"Augustus," I said.

"I am," he said. He was staring at me, and I could see the corners of his eyes crinkling "I'm in love with you, and I'm not in the business in denying myself the simple pleasure of daying true things. I'm in love with you, your obsession with starbucks, your leggings with riding boots, and how you post on instagram "a night out with the girls" everytime your with a friend. I love you from your flower headband where you try to look like some hipster down to your high-waisted shorts and Chacos. Every single part of you is unique, I can't think of anyone else I know who shares the same qualities as you."

"Augustus, you're making me cry," I whimpered out, trying to keep my mascara from slithering down my face and ruining my makeup, because I looked hella cute and I wasn't going to mess that up.

"No, what makes me cry is that last night when I tried to hold your face and kiss you, and your Kendra Scott earrings fell onto the ground, and you were so sad you cried after you posted a picture of them on Twitter. When you cry, I cry. I can't stand the thought of you being captivated by depression." He caressed my hand and rubbed his thumb onto the back of mine. He stared deep into my eyes, completely encapsulating my soul and said, "and I know what love is. Love is tweeting cute song lyrics of some overplayed song on the radio we've totally never heard of or posting some quote you found on Tumblr trying to seem sophisticated."

I drove my face into his arms and cried out harder than I'd ever cried before. Augustus was as sweet as the Starbucks drink I just purchased so I could post it onTwitter. After I finished draining my eyes, I took a selfie and put it on my 186 second Snapchat story.


Some girl texting me: Aren't you 16? you've NEVER kissed anyone!?
Me: Yes, and yes. NEVER.

Some girl texting me: LOL. LOSER!
Me: I'd rather be a loser, than be a slu/t.

Im fine.

-im not fine, please Help me.

Im just tired.

-I can`t take this anymore

I already ate

-i starve myself.

Go away

-Show me you care enough to stay.

Im just cold

- I dont want you too see my scars.

Im better i promise

-Ive never been this bad.

Im okay

                                                                                                                                        -i just want to die
A while ago on witty i found a quote about someone called Aaron.
When he first met this girl she said "I don't know you, but i like your eyes."
Later they started dating and when Aaron was 18 (i think) he got a phone call one day from his girlfriend's mum, she was crying and told aaron to come to the hospital.
When he got there he found the mother and she explained that she had been in a car crash and i think she was in a coma.
When she finally woke up she couldn't remember who aaron was, all she says was "I don't know you, but i like your eyes."

I thought this was beautiful and i have looked through the quotes that i have favorited and i'm pretty sure it isn't there.
if annyone could help me find this/their account then that would be amazing

If you find the whole quote, it will touch your heart.

Pop a pill when I wake,

Pop a pill just to sleep,

 I'm supposed to take them with a meal,

But now I hardly ever eat.

This quote does not exist.
"It sucks because you and I had our good days and our bad days, but you make me forget about the bad days and remember the good ones. And I think you're a first to do that, Evan Grace Pierce. If I only would have told you before now."

And somehow, I know, deep down, that she heard me.
So I try one thing more.

"I love you."

-The World Is Listening, Jessica Ryan-Austin
(yesterday [my birthday, yo])

I was in the mall walking 

past the gnc store (my sister's
recent obsession.) I looked in
to see if I could notice one of
the things she was looking for.
during that time my sister saw
an old man get up from sitting
on the bench, and he left one
of his bags behind. my sister
didn't want to be the one to go
flag him down, and I was torn
between going to grab the bag
and chasing after him or going
to tell him that I think he left his
bag (since I wasn't even sure
it was his bag.) after debating
it for a few seconds I had to
just chase after the guy bc he
was already too far away for
me to go back and grab the
bag and reach him in time.
even forgetting the bag I just
barely got to him. anyway, on
the way my sister kept saying
how I was going to chicken out
and just turn away when I got
to him. but, I sucked it up. I 
got the man's attention and
told him. and it's probably silly
to be proud of that, but you don't
understand. I can't f.ucking buy
anything in most stores because
certain cashiers make me too
uncomfortable to just simply
stand there, and then hand them
money. so, it's a big deal that I
actually sucked it up to try and
help someone. 

when I told the guy, the younger 

lady he was with walked in and
got the bag for him (I think it was
his daughter.) so, he got his bag
back and  I just feel pretty good
about that.

(it was a jc penny bag and it was
pretty full and any amount of money
is a lot to lose, let alone a huge bag

This quote does not exist.
~ll Hated by many, Wanted by plenty. Disliked by some, Confronted by none. ll~