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It's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember
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hello there(-: my name is riley. i blow out my candles on january 18th. i am 12 years young. i love living a care free life. & for the first time in a while i feel very happy. you can't always look at life in a negative way or else you'll just be living in pain. i love my bestfriends. they're all i need & more. i love my family too. they're always there for me. even when i'm on one of my bitchiest days. school is not where i want to be but i'm there five days a week anyway. theres a boy that in my eyes is pretty damn special but i feel that i've yet to catch his attention. his name is niko(-; when i talk to him i feel like i can be my total full self.  i've been through a lot for someone my age. but it's made me stronger. i don't complain about too much. i don't start fights over little things. i'm very forgiving. i don't stay mad for long.  summer is deff my season. that's where i shine the most. photography is what i want to pursue when i go into college. i know it's pretty early to make that decision but taking pictures is my life. music is also my life. it basically keeps me sane. i like all kinds of music. please follow me. if you do i'll follow you.
stay strong.
keep happy

Quotes by soulsister99

Dear Sister,
 are you angry at god for taking you so soon? if you could change how your life was would you have taken away the disease? are you proud of me & what i've done. do you still love me? these are the questions that come to my mind when i think of you. theres really not much for me to say about you except that i miss you. i wish i could have your guidence right now. i really need someone here for me. i know if you were here you'd understand everything i feel. but you're not. camp sunshine is so much fun. i wish you could've come with us at least once. they had a swing for kids with wheel chairs there even! the food is really good too. i miss you michaela rae. & i love you. give Papa & Hope a kiss for me.
your little sister

Dear brother,
 you are honestly the biggest nerd i have met in my whole entire life. you're also the strongest person i have met in my whole entire life. & i don't just mean physically strong. (even though you practically have a six pack) you stayed strong through everything. when Papa died, when micheala died, when Hope died. i never saw you shed a tear once. maybe you did, but i never saw it. then theres me who's the biggest emotional reck that ever lived. i cry about anything & everything. i know you're going to become an amazing person when you get older. you're so smart and dedicated. but i can hardly finish anything i start. we're complete opposites, but i love it that way. you've been my bestfreind & brother since day one. i know i don't say it enough, but i love you Remi.
your little sister.

Dear Bestfriends
 i love all of you so much. you guys are my reason to laugh, you inspire me to love, & you keep me grounded. honestly if it weren't for you i probably wouldn't be here today. each of you have your very own spot in my heart. i never want to let go of any of you. but sometimes i feel like i'm always on the outside of our group. in a way i don't always feel included i guess. but i know you guys love me so i usually just ignore that feeling. but sometimes i feel like you don't know me as well as you could. but i guess that's my own fault. sometimes you guys say that i seem depressed a lot. well maybe becuase i suffer from depression. it's not that savere, but it probably has a hand in why i seem depressed. especially w/ my past about my sister, i'm just alot more sensative to things then you might think. well besides that, i love you guys more than my words can say. love you.

Dear Mom,

i know i'm not as grateful as i should be. but you should know that i love you so much, i don't know what i'd do without you. you will always be there. you're part of me. my flesh and blood. you provide food and a roof over my head even though times are time and we don't have a lot of money. i know i can talk to you about anything in the world and you won't care. you'll be behind me through every decision i make, good or bad. i love for that, don't ever forget. 
love your,
your brown eyed girl.

For every fave i'll write a letter to:

my mom

my dad

my bestfriends

my brother

mt sister

my exbestfriend

my ex boyfriend

my future boyfriend

my crush

Hailey- I know I don't know as

much about love as I say I do,

but i know theres a reason why

everyone wants it so mcuh.

Auqua- What's that?

Hailey- It's the closest thing we

have to magic.

~ Auquamarine

the awkward moment,

when not even your friends

want to hang out with you,

and then you find yourself

talking to your dog about

how much your life sucks.

I'm giving you my forever and ever.