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haha I have no idea what to say
 my name is Sara
if you wanna know anything ask
I don't bite
Don't like then don't judge!
I'm you follow me I follow you
seeinggreyinacoloredworld deserves to be spamed with favs and positive comments


Quotes by soupin78

Even if you fall on your face 

you're still moving forward

I'll keep you my dirty witty secret!
Leave your secrets in the comment section and if you dont mind my witty bff will make a beautiful painting with them.
Now dont worry they will be totally anonymous so please help me help you and help a friend :)
Girl tell me why you think you're fabulous :)
Let my live my own life
be yourself not me.
I've aleays been my own enemy :/
you know you're conceited when you song what makes you beautiful as "I'm so totally beautiful!"
Its funny that the only time I get a complement is when I'm doing somethng for you :/
Rumors rumors around they go.
when will they stop?
I'll never know.
Ending friendships everyday,
won't the rumors just go away.
Talking to him makes everything better 💕