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The hiding truth (Chapter 6 .)

"And good luck with that."     
     I was in shock. "Like I'm going to tell you..." I tried to seem like she didn't scare me. "I know where you are Christine." her words slurred. My best bet was that she was once again drunk, and I don't know how she found me. So, I asked,"How?". "I talked to a friend of yours. Linda? Do you even remember that air-head? I called... her mom. And she-she was confused. I-I asked to speak with Linda. She told m-me, where you went. Well yeah." she said through the phone. "Do you hear yourself? It's funny how you're threatening me. And you wonder why I left with her. Boy, you're too comical." I hung up the phone, and turned around. 
     Arianna, with her head turned up at me, with her eyes glaring, and her eyes watered. "I heard her voice, Chris. Don't be a liar. Where is she?" I didn't know what to say. I was speechless. "Mommy is-" I was cut off by another call. I ran to it before Arianna did. "What do you want? You're not going to find us." I screamed into the phone. At first, there was no answer. Then, "What are you talking about?" Kyle's voice appeared. "Uh... ha ha sorry pranksters keep calling..." I tried to cover up. "Oh no worries. I got your work schedule, sorry it's so late." he apologized. "Oh, it's no big deal..." I said. "Okay well tomorrow you're working from ten to four. Is that good?" he asked. I only took a half-time job. Six hours a day. I get paid five dollars per kid, and plus one dollar per hour from each kid. Kyle said about ten kids come in per staff member. So that'd be... 110 per day. I work three days a week, so that'd be... 330 a week. I get a pay check every two weeks... so times two... $660 about next week. Yes!
     It'd be just enough for me and Arianna. I was so proud to be taking in this responsibility. I went back to bed after hanging up the phone, and put Arianna back to sleep. I woke up at nine, got Arri ready for school again, and I got ready for work. I had to drop her off a little early so I'd be at work on time. "C'mon Arianna!" I said to her as I was halfway out the door. "Boom", I heard a loud noise. I then blacked out. I woke up with a massive headache, and the room was familiar. It was Arianna’s room. That reminded me, where was she? I tried to lift myself up to look around, but my wrists were tied to the bed. What was going on…? I looked down and I saw my ankles were tied as well. I was so confused. All I could do was think about where Arianna was, and what was going to happen.
     I quickly untied my wrists, and then my ankles. I tip-toed to the door, and peeked out. There was Arianna, sitting on the couch. But then, there was a broken vase next to her. It was probably the one that hit my head. But I looked closer. My head wasn’t bleeding… I ran out and grabbed Arianna. “What happened?” “Mommy. She tried to take me, but I stopped her.” she said. She was here. “Where is she now?” I asked in a panic. “In the bathroom. I think I hurt her, Chris.” She looked at me with shame written all over her face.
     “Okay. Just, stay here. Don’t move, okay?” I told her. I walked to the bathroom, and I followed the bloody trail.

The hiding truth (Chapter 5 .)

"When I left you, I left for a reason."

     I was frozen. I couldn't move, because of the shock I was in. My phone was still disconnected. The apartment phone rang. Who could be calling at this hour? It was around three in the morning, and the ringing woke me up. I trudged shakily to the phone in the bedroom. "Hello?" I didn't know the number. "Christine. Where are you." oh no. I wanted to hang up, I really did. But if I did, she'd track me down. Now she knew where I was living, and there was no escaping it.
     Well, you're probably confused at why my sister and I moved here, and why my mom is calling. See, it started when I was only eight years old. It was just me as an only child. My dad, Carl, and my mom, Judith. It was a snowy night, and we were on our way home from dinner. We stopped at a red light. My mom forgot her purse. My dad was so mad. She was drunk again, and he had it. When the light turned green, they started to bicker back and forth, with me still in the back seat. It was chaotic. We got home, and that's when it happened. My dad through my mom to the ground, and into the vase. She passed out. I hit my dad and ran upstairs, hoping he wouldn't follow while he was on his rampage.
      "Christine! Get back here!" he called all the way up the spiral staircase. I reached the third floor, and darted to the safe room. It was a small room about the size of my own, and it held snacks, blankets, pillows, water, dinner meals, a phone, and a small window. It could only be opened from the inside. I stayed in there for about two hours. I called the police, and I still sat there. Even when they came to the safe house. I was in shock, and I wouldn't open the door for anyone.
     We filed for him to be arrested, but it was too late and he was already gone somewhere. My mom met someone new in the following year, and he got her pregnant. I was only ten when my sister was born. Well, half-sister. My mom continued her drinking abuse, and it was up to me to care for my sister. I did this forever, and now. Around when my sister was two, my mom and her boyfriend broke up.
     My mom began to drink more and more. I was scared. It turned out that me and Arianna had to sleep in the safe room constantly. I never called the police though. Not once, when I should've. One day, I woke up in the safe room, with Arianna. I heard a voice downstairs. It was my dad talking to my mom. It'd been when I was twelve, four years after he left. He wanted her back. I didn't. She turned him down, and... he shot her. In the leg. And ran away. I called 911 after the gunshot, and ran down to my mom, leaving Arianna in the safe room. She was in recovery for three weeks, and when she came home, things were different.
     The next year, my dad came back. My mom took him back, and dropped all charges. I was now thirteen. She carried on her drunk acts, and my dad beat her. Really hard. I couldn't take it anymore. 
     Two years later, when I was fifteen, a night when my mom was out, I took a bus, and drove to the airport. We planned this for a while, and finally escaped to a place in the next state. My mom found us, and we were returned home. My dad slapped me across the face, and broke my elbow. It can never straighten completely again. My dad threw my sister across the floor, and hit her, too. The next night my parents went out, and Arianna and I escaped to the airport. This time we went across the country, disconnected my phone, and left no trace behind. Since my dad was wanted in our state, they couldn't call the police. Now, she found us.  

The hiding truth (Chapter 4 .)

"...And I don't know if you deserve to know..."

     I took the same bus back to my apartment. I ran up to our room and plopped on the couch. Even though I was more responsible, I still had the same actions as a teenager. "Baby all I want for Christmas is you!" my cell phone started ringing. That's right! I had to go change my number. Oh no. It was my mom...
     I cancelled the call, and took out the battery. What did she think she was doing... calling me. Who did she think she was? I went to the door, and locked it. I closed all of the windows, and locked all of the windows. What if... she found us? Oh gosh. I started to freak out, not knowing what she wanted, or where she was. I grabbed my Kathy bag and bolted out of the door.
     I decided to go food shopping, because we didn't have a lot at all. After gathering all of the things we needed, I rolled my cart up to a cashier. "Hey Christine." a voice came from behind me. "Oh Kyle! Hi", I sounded really weird, but I was shocked. "How was your day? It's only been a few hours since I saw you ha", his laugh was amazing. "Oh yeah, well it's been good. Aren't you supposed to be working?" I asked. "I'm the manager, I don't always stay at the office." he said. There was an akward pause. Thank you for shopping at Bullinger's General.  Have a nice day!" the cashier said to me, as I came back from my daze. "Bye cutie", said Kyle as I walked out of the sliding doors.
     I felt bad lying to him. Kyle was so sweet, and I was keeping a giant secret from him. I lied about my age, and I don't know why I did that. If he ever finds out, he'll hate me... I got on the bus again and went to the school to pick up Arianna. "Hey, how was your day?" I asked her. "Good." she said. We rode the bus home again. God, I need a car. We went to the apartment, and I made her dinner after she told me her day. "And then Billy came over and hugged me hello. He's my new boyfriend." I was stunned. It was so easy for little kids. "That's cute. I have to meet Billy one day!" I said jokingly. "Great! Because I told him he can come over tomorrow!" I blinked a few times in awe. 
     "Oh..." I knew Arianna needed friends, and eventually I needed to allow them. "Okay. Can you get Billy's house number? And I'll talk to his mom, okay?" I wanted Arianna to have friends and I didn't want this secret to stop her social life. "Ding, dong!" The door rang. It was Kyle. How did he find my home? "Hi Kyle, how did you find me?" I asked. "Your application!" no duh. "Listen... I want to, hangout some time. Is now cool?" he asked. "Um..." I wanted to say no, I really did. "...sure!" I finally said. "Great! Can I come in?" he asked. "Of course..." I smirked.
     What was I doing, risking this... We had coffee, and talked about his job, and the childcare program. "So where the little six year old you were telling me about?" he asked. I told him it was my sister. I lied, and said my grandmother lived with us. Kyle played around with Arianna, and they had fun. "So, I'll see you tomorrow.. at work!" I got the job! "Yes!" I ran up and hugged Kyle. I don't know what came over me, but I kissed him. "Woah, you're really happy!" he said. The rest of the day, we watched a movie, he left, and Arianna and I fell asleep happily. Until my phone rang.

The hiding truth (Chapter 3 .)

"I'm honestly shocked at the generosity these days"

     "Arianna, wake up!" it was nine o'clock in the morning, and I was waking Arianna up to go to Bullinger Elementary. She yawned, and got up to one of the cardboard, unloaded boxes. "What are you going to wear?" I asked her. "My pink sun-dress", she answered. I walked into my auburn colored room, and threw on some jeans, and a mature purple flow shirt that matched the purple flower necklace that I tied around my neck. I meandered to the mirror and applied mascara to my thick eyelashes that hovered over my hazel eyes. I brushed out my long, chestnut hair. 
     Sometimes I forget that I'm only sixteen, and I go over the top with things. Like today, I looked like I was in my twenties. But, that was the goal. It was now 9:45, and I decided to get Arianna to brush her teeth. She was always against it, but I had ways to make her do it. I told her there was a tooth monster that ate the teeth she didn't brush. She believed me all the time, and ran to the bathroom.
     I couldn't drive yet, seeing how I'm not old enough, so we had to take the public bus. Luckily, it only went around this town. We boarded onto it, and sat on the left side. I made Arianna sit by the window. "Screech", went the tires as the bus stopped in front of the school. We got off, and walked towards the door. I walked to the desk, and simply told them about my papers and Arianna. It was simple to enroll her, and I kissed her goodbye. I said that I was twenty five, and showed them my fake card. They had no record of me there since we moved from Lily-stone, which was on the other side of the country. I took the next bus to the Childcare of Bullinger town.
     "Hello, I'm Christine. I'd like to apply for a job as a child-carer." I told the woman. I signed my papers, just like that. Then, all of a sudden, I saw the most beautiful thing ever. "Hi, I'm Kyle." he smirked. "Hi, I'm Christine." I said. "Are you looking for a job here? It's got to be pretty tough. There's about thirty applicants, and two spots..." I started to blush seeing how I probably wasn't going to proceed to the next level of applicants. Then, I told him about how I had a six year-old. But I didn't mention how it was my sister, or my daughter. "You're pretty cute. How old are you?" he asked. "I'm... eighteen." hey, he was cute. I wasn't going to make it seem like I'm that old. "Oh I'm 19 ha ha. Listen, if you really need this job... I'm the manager here. I can move you up on the applicant list." he said. I couldn't stop grinning. "Really? Thank you oh so much!" I shook his hand, and ran out the door.
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For all of the people that read my story;
Life Downtown;
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The hiding truth

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