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Quotes by spaceboundxo

Act like a

think like a



& i dont know what i'm diving into...
just haniging by a moment here with you.

im falling even more in love with you.



Do you believe in love at first sight?
or do i have to walk by again? ;)


ever have one of thoes moments when you just wana be like...
excuse me boy, i love you.


The best thing in life
is finding someone who knows all your mistakes & weaknesses and still thinks your..

completely amazing.



Favorite if:
you hate it when you find a really cute outfit and they have it in every size...

except yours.

& maybe two-

 is better then one.



i wanna fall and know that love has caught me safe in the arms of love.

& i promise you..
someday you'll regrest loosing me.
And you'll think back and say
"wow that girl really DID love me"


Why Are

Hockey Players

So Attractive?