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Alrighttt my names krissy.
im addicted to textinggg! +& thaa computerr [;
i aint no follower. im me and no one else.
im crazy and funn so get taa noo mee [:

sorry if i forget to give a credit. get over itt. other people forget too.

have you ever wondered?
how he could be so perfect and you
think he is the best guy in the world.
and then you realize he's not the guy
you thought he was. and it was all a
~b i g j o k e < / 3

and by the wayy;;
 for those people that want to talk shit this aint
myspace so get over yourselfs!

Quotes by spankyou221

is that this life becomes all you want it to
your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
you never need to carry more than you can hold

i have to move on;
I can't just sit around every single day
waiting for you to make up your extremely confused

m i n d . It's not rocket science,a rather
simple question:
her or me?at the rate
you're deciding, you'll never choose.
This time I am going to leave...

before i am left <3
take a chance
because you never know how
[   absolutly    x    perfect   ]
something could turn out to be
i miss you, i miss your smile
+& i still shed a tear every once and a while,
even tho its there from now. your still here
some how. my heart want let you go +& i
need you to knoww...

i miss you </3

old hannah montana
mix the colors
It's like lightening.
Once you're struck..
Baby, it kills

not mine.
you don't love someone
because they're  p e r f e c t . you love
them  i n  s p i t e  of the fact that
they're not.

not mine[:
but i love it
& I'm still holding on to the past
because I dont know how to let go of the people i
have lost, they are the ones i need most right now
and there gone. people tell me to let go of the
past and move on. they think its that easy. well
if they were in my shoes they would no how i
actually feel
You gottah take the good with the bad,
smile with the sad. love what you got and
remeber what you had.people change,
things go wrong but just remeber...

Cus it's hurting me to let it go
Maybe cus we spent so much time
And I know that is no more
I should have never let you hold me baby
Maybe why im sad to see us apart
I didn't give it to you on purpose,
cant figure out how you stole my heart?
I Wanna Be...
the girl he talks about constantly
to his friends about and doesn't
care what they think because
all that matter's is how he feels

i n s i d e < 3

all my creditt[: ->krissy