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Haiii(: Im Cass. Call me Cass but dont wear it out kay?
Im a 15 years young and singlllee and readdddyy to mingle(:
aha. Loove you Bre(:
Well..Im a pretty strange teenager but I have my ups-and downs and
my friend drama. I Have many many many friends but one is on wittty(: she told me about it: BreBre906<3 Soof youu(: heh 
I Luh-v mustaches, gummi bears, bowties and umm anything ab-normal(:
Mustache buddies= Brebre906+Sparklegirl

Okay Cass, You've been HACKEDD! (: 
Okay People this girl right heeerr is awesome and you should follow her
or you'll regret it and you'll NEVER meet this wonderful girl and will never find anyone as awesome as her. Soo Follow(: Thanks. Well, Cass your one of my best friends and I miss you like crazyy. i lovee youu(:- Breeee:D


you can't start the next chapter of your life
if you keep re-reading the last one

Quotes by sparklegirl

Theres this guy in my class. Hes very quite and never talks. One day i leaned over to ask him a question and i saw what he was drawing. It was a guy running through the rain towards the sun and he had written: It will get better. I decided not to ask since we didnt know each other very well. I never did ask him. But today in class we had to write who are hero is. the teacher read his outloud. He had put: my hero is myself. I am my own person and i dont look up to anyone becuase i am my own person." i really want to get to know him now.
Today my crush called me fat. He told me I needed to lay off the chocolate milk shakes. I have never felt so worthless.
Attractive Guy: Hi
Me: *something that sounds like a whale noise*
Him: So whats up?
Me: Did my grandma put you up to this?
Skinny Friend: Omg i am so fat!
Her: *eats 5 potato chips*
Me: *inhales seven pieces of pizza*
I am not going to judge you.
So you dont wear a size 2? I couldn't care less.
So your gay? That really doesn't matter.
So you have secrets? Who doesn't?
So you mistakes? Everyone does.

So your imperfect? Thats why you are so beautiful.
*insert super clever, witty joke here*   
I realize I haven't posted in 53 days. No one probably notices anyway. But I'm still on witty all the time becuase witty will always be my real home. 
iCarly is ending this weekend. Which means my childhood is ending. iCarly was/is my favorite show.
I remeber when they were kids. Now they are teenagers. iCarly was the only show that actually made me laugh. And you might be saying "omg she is over reacting its just a show". Well to me its not a show. Its my childhood.

R.I.P Meme Brown
Cancer took her life away yesterday. She was so strong for so long.
The world lost a fighter, but heaven gained an angel.

R.I.P Meme

no one ever notices me at school...
unless i have a pack of gum