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Heyy guys,
Im Clara and im 13. Sometimes life can kinda suck but overall things aree good. Friends come and go but i love the ones i have. I love people that make me laugh. i love romantic movies such as The Notebook and i really wanna kiss someone in the rain. This year i lost my bestfriend because of some really stupid things i did. I miss her sooo much and im so sorry but i dont think things will change between us. I really regret what i did and i wish i could take it back. but shit happens. i did alot of really mean things to her during our friendship and she continued being my friend and was always patient with me. i really miss and i wish she knew how i felt. i love to listen to music by Taylor Swift and Adele. I like to dance in public even though its embarassing. And i just want a guy that isnt a complete jerk and that respects my privacy and itsnt pushy.  i love my bestfriend and i feel like i can tell her anything without her judging me<3 i love my family to although my mom and i fight alot. i wish things could be better between us. but shit happens. sometimes i feel insecure when people say im really skinny because its not my fault and i do eat! anyway i lovee to listen to musicc and it always helps me get through hard times<3

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Respect is earned,
Honesty is appreciated, Love is gained,
and Loyalty is returned.


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The pressure to be prefect.

That awkward moment when
 You think someone is waving to you so you wave back but then you realize that they weren't waving to you...

Sometimes you have to move on,

Even if you don't want to...

Jenna Marbles Drinking Game:
Drink everytime she swears
Drink everytime you hear the squeking noise at the begining of her video
Drink everytime she refers to Kermit as something other than Kermit (Ex. silver unicorn)
Drink everytime she says bye spiderman
Drink evertime she wears her key necklace during a video
Drink evertime she wears her ninja turtle backpack
Drink everytime she says *weeeeeee*
Drink everytime she dresses up in a mustache

Don't go where the path may lead you,
go instead  where there is no path and leave a trail

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Every second is a

chance to turn your live


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Everybody is fighting their own battle.

To be free from the past.

To live in their present.

To create their future.

So have a heart.


Live right now  and just be yourself , it  doesn't mat ter  if  it's good e nou gh  for so m eone else. 

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Words are like bullets once shot out they can't be taken back.