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hi. please ignore how my username makes me sound like a unicorn.



Quotes by sparkly_rain_bows321

summer isn't a time to 
catch up on sleep

she needs someone right now. please.
comment her. its her birthday.
please make her happy again



was supposed to show change, right? I think my boobs
started to grow, but then got tired and stopped. For years.


one of the

most painful goodbyes is when you know that the next time you meet, the hello wont be the same.

they say

i matter, but its not like they can come up with any good reasons.


im sorry

im such a complicated person. I can feel you growing tired of me, I'm tired of me too.


"youre ugly"

Pffft. Sure buddy. But thats not what my mom said.



a ton of calls in your call history just because you butt dial like its a hobby.


even if

you havent seen tears rushing down her cheeks, doesnt mean she isnt crying inside.