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Status: its been two years and my mom never com home and make hte spageti
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It only takes like 60 likes to make it onto top quotes now ?? wHAT EVEN IM LAUGHING IT USED TO BE LIKE THOUSANDS

my mom never com home and make hte spageti

still wating mom its been 2 years

witty is so dead im actually laughing.
a summary of my dayno
If i was a delivery man I'd spend all day seeing how seductively
I could say "ive got a big package for you" and get away with it.
It makes me sad that this site didnt last. Here is where I made some of my very close friends. Where I would come if I had problems and needed to talk. We were litteraly like one big messed up disfunctional family with a cat loving father. I grew up on this site and it phsically and emotionally hurts to see so many if not everyone gone. One of the biggest things for me is that this is where frammingmathew made his legacy. Every year after he passed we would post something in honor of him and promise we would never forget the amazing things he did and how many lives he saved... but here witty is now. I just wanted to thank you steve for so much. If it wasnt for witty i would be a completely different person. It still has an impact on me and has taught me so much. I love you steve and every witty user who probably isnt on here anymore deeply and truly from the bottom of my heart. 
do you ever just look into the mirror and think "what wattage is my microwave"?
im FINALLY going to see litttle mix. so far this is the most ive done in my whole life in one summer... time to make a new bucket list (and also the editor for my quotes isnt woking correctly so heres some boring black and white)
I sorta fell for my bestfriend. And I wish i hadn't because everyday we talk. We talk about how his crush doesnt like him and how horrible it feels that she doesnt like him back and he says nobody understands and how miserable he is. Well he's not the only one. And the worst part about it is im the one who comforts him every night. And sometimes I wish I had the guts to tell him how selfish he is being but i can't ... because he's my bestfriend ... and i couldn't even think of hurting him. Of making him feel hurt by his own bestfriend because "what kind of friend would ever do that?" I honestly dont know if I can be friends with him anymore. I'm just hurting myself
there is a reality show based on the hunger games called capture coming on july31 where in the bloody heck can i sign up?