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Hii, I'm Emily

I've had previous accounts on witty, but I have decided that I wanted to leave my past behind me& move on! So i started with making a new witty account:)

To start off I would like to thank all of you true witty girls you really do inspire me.
& Well for me? 
I have a few friends that I would Die for & I love them to death. 
I Like thiss kid...hahah We wont get to much into that story..lol
I love my family. But we have our problems just like everyone else. 
TRUST ME.  Even though it might not seem it I;ve been through things that no teenager should have to deal with.
But what doesnt kill ya, only makes you stronger. 
I have secrets that absolutly no on knows. & I'll probably die without anyone ever finding out.
I've learned now that, I doesn't reallly matter. Nothing really matters.
So I have chosen to not give a fuck. 

Some personal stufff
Name: Emily-Rose♥
Birffffffday: July 13th 1996
Age as of now (6/15/11): 14 years youngg
Bestfriends: LyndsayRose.EmelynJoy.&CeeCee♥
Favorite colorr: Pink DUH(; 



Get to know the Real me.

Even on my weakest days I get a Little bit Stronger.

So I'm the average teenage girl. I have major boy problem.
I stress over pretty much everything, Me & my friends argue all the time.
I want to go shopping everyday of my life. I Dont think Im pretty. If it werent for Taylor Swift and Witty I think I would die. So yeaa..

Quotes by speaknow

 Oh...so you left again?
"its fine."
I mean i'm just heartbroken. 
Its really no big deal.

 love  exist in my eyes. 


 Here we are now, together. 
Now lets make it stay that way.
forever& ever..


  Its sad that you've came back to me..
& I can't even enjoy it

because all I can remember is you leaving me in the first place.  </3


 I love how when I used to ask for advice from my fellow witty girls I would get up to at least 10 comments I just made to quotes asking for advice and got 0 comments each.... I'm starting to think less and less of witty everyday, Thanks girls...</3

Do you think the worlds going to end?

Click the
if you think it is

Comment if you dont(:

I was just wondering what my witty girls think..! <3
& How is it that I've fallen for plenty of guys and each time I've gotten hurt.
My friends warn me, because they know.
I never listen because each time I think
"He's not gonna hurt me".

 Reality Check:


 I was willing to; Loose a friend, Break the rules, Do anything.
For you.

& If you were to come back, I'd risk it all again.
theres just something about you.
&its driving me insane.

Why is it that I still believe?
Believe; that you'll come back

when deep down inside I know you won't

I know my heart will never be the same but I'm telling myself it'll be okay ..