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Quotes by spencer19

babii i need you..
i'll only cry until im over you
...but how long will that take me
{&&} as i look into the stars..
i can only think of you
you only pretend your full of love
you use me
you act fake{&&}lie
how you think thats fair to me
i dont know??

you look me in the face
knowing im hurt
knowing i need you
how you keep going on
i dont know??

but what you dont know is..
im stong, i can be on my own
i can hold my head up
how i do that
i dont know??

you have only made me strong
you've made me change
you've made me think
is that always good
i dont know??

but what i do know is
'cause ive already been hurt
i'll be better in the end
i'll always fear nothing
that i do know...
were bestfriends now
we will be till the{e.n.d}
no matter what you do
we'll stick together through think{&&}thin
try to tear us down
most likely
we will {.l.a.u.g.h.} in your {.f.a.c.e.}
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you say you love me...
but what your doing..
...thats not love</3
when you become a vampire
you become perfect...
....he is my vampire...
&& when you walk away
i count the steps that you take
cant you see how much
i need you right now
when your gone...
When i hear the sirens...
i stop and think....
whos not going to have a second chance
Thunder &&lightning batter the rocks...

The wind howls &&great storms break on the forest..

We will not go down ...

We will not be beaten down like grain...