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Quotes by sportcrazy4life

people are brought into our lives for a reason.
even if means their only with us for a short amount of time
please prove me wrong this time, dont let me be right , prove to me your the same kid i tought i knew
i guess the reason we hold on to memories so tight is because we dont want to forget them or the person we already lost
hate me if you want to
love me if you can
theres gotta be more than this
cause you were supposply worth waiting for.
you make fun of me at school and infront of people just to act cool. but when their not around your a completely differnt person. when they're not around you say things like i've got your back and you got mine. at school i always defended you when people talked behind your back but then i found out people were talking about me behind my back and you were talking about me to. so now im done. you "may have my back" but i know for sure i dont have yours anymore.
i think its ridiculos how we act like were still friends after all thats happened.were both moving on in life going in seprate directions.always when somethin goes wrong someone ends up mad or hurt. i think were at the point where its time to look at our friendship realize its not as strong as it used to be and move on.
life isn't about just dealing with things that happen to you. stand up for yourself. prove to everyone your someone who is strong. thats how you gain pride and respect.
memories are the sadest thing to look back on when those are the only things you have left of that person