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Hey there! My name is Erica
I'm 14 years old & a freshman
I LOVE SPORTS. I play basketball, tennis, and run track
I have the greatest best friends anyone could ask for <3
I can't live without music
One Direction (I'm obsessed), Taylor Swift, Imagine Dragons, & Macklemore
I love to shop, a girl can never have too many clothes!
Talk to me sometime!


Quotes by sportsarelife14

all the emptiness inside you
is hard enough to fill
without a sense of purpose

we're setting up to fail
you don't have to make it right
just hold your head up high
Witty got rid of all my favorite fonts :(
120 episodes of Lost
School starts in about a month
The compliments just don't matter.
No matter how many times i'm told
That i'm pretty, gorgeous or even beautiful
The compliments are erased from my mind
 when I look in the mirror.
My stomach is too large.
My thighs need to be smaller.
So many parts of  me I want to change.
I will never be happy with my reflection.


              Friend: So how's your love life? 
              Me: Nonexistent...

I want someone to kiss me under the fireworks

If I'm louder, will you see me?

I wonder what girls will be wearing 20 years from now...
It doesn't  seem like clothes can get much skimpier  than they are now

High on summertime

Who else is in love with someone who doesn't know you exist?