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For every girl with a broken heart there is always a boy, with a glue gun. ♥
I love you... 

Quotes by sportsforever

Cause I'm trying, and trying to walk away. But I know this crush ain't going away.




                   I want to be a..

 Little kid again..


  L . i . f . e 
It's all about taking chances
about doing something [everyone] 
said you couldn't. It's about being goofy;
It's about NOT caring what other people think.

It's about learning to love what you have.
If you really try, You can accomplish so much.
That's Life 

Life ia pen
You can cross out your past; but you can't erase it.


No matter what 
angle I look at you,
you're always 


Be who you want to be
not what otherwant to see

lIf you tell the truth...
You don't have to remember anything you say.

If people are

trying bring you


  It only means that you are above them.

There's hell in hello.
Amd there's good in goodbye.
That's why you shouldn't be afraid of goodbye but be careful with hello.

may not

be the prettiest, skinnest,  or smartest..

but. . .