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For every girl with a broken heart there is always a boy, with a glue gun. ♥
I love you... 

Quotes by sportsforever

Once when we were dating;
Our worlds werethe same..


Now I look at your status, and I dont even know what 
is happening in your world; and I doubt that you know
what's happening in mine</3


One thing I hate about myself is..

That no matter how much you hurt me; I will always love you

Everyday, I fight back the urge to text or talk to you; telling myself that if you wanted to talk to me; you would

I want to wear your
sweatshirt to bed;

watch scary movies with you;
hold hands; kiss in the rain;
go on long walks with you;
Make you watch chick flicks with me;
play your favorite video games;
Sit in front of a fireplace and talk about life;
Sneak out at night and look at the stars with you;
I want to fall hopelessly in love with you!


So I'll forget I love you.
I'll forget everything you said to me. I'll forget you said
I love you, I'll forget you said you would always
be here forever. I'll forget that you actually cared.
I'll forget everything about us. My mind will let me
forget, but will my heart? </3

Now everything is just different.

i  wish I was her
Everyone says 'I'm pretty' and yes I do believe them. But I just wish I was her
for once. She has everything. Including him. She took him from me.
He always had feelings for her.. I guess I was his second choice. But for
once I want to be someone's first choice. I miss knowing that he was mine. But
Now I can never have him back. If we have a long convo all we say is 'yeah' and yupp' that's it
nothing else. I miss the person we used to be. I miss you and I miss me.

When We talk to each other now..
Everything is different. We can't have our heart wars anymore. The other day he asked me if I was 'okay' and I said I was fine, and then a little while later he said, " somethings deff wrong, what's wrong?" I just said it was nothing. How can he not see that it breaks me when we talk now, and we never say 'I love you to each other'. I'm in a great mood, and then when I talk to you everything goes down. I miss you, I want you back that's all I'm asking...
  March 15, 2010 </3
R.I.P me and you

& I check your status..
So just maybe you wrote about me. But you never do</3



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