Status: I wanna be the girl, that some guy says about me, "She's waaay outta my league" to his friends.
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Quotes by spottedleaf

You looked at me.
Made me 
smile through my tears.
And even as I felt my heart splitting in two
I had a hope.
I thought, that maybe, just maybe
I'd end up okay.
Yes, it hurnow.
But when I really thought about it
and took a step back
I remembered how amazing it felt
To be wanted. 
And you looked at me like I was special.


Dan Boy,
  Are you the sun?
  Because you need to stay about
  92,960,000 miles, away from me


BravoSierra's format



& sometimes...

 I wish I had the guts to tell you everything.


I know that I act 
like I'm ok, over and over again but that's because actually crying and breaking down  is too depressing.


D   o   n     '      t          W    o    r      r      y,
It's not like I actually have feelings.



If Bella faints whenever she smells blood...

                Then what does she do when she get's her period?

        this horrible feeling i get, where my 
       stomach ties itself in knots. my heart  
          catches in my throat and i can't
       breathe or talk. i want to cry out and 
        burst into tears. but all i feel is hollow

 I have a six pack
                        It's just protected by a layer of fat