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 Summer storms, spring rains. Fuzzy socks, good books. Sweatpants and a fat cat named Fig. 
All of these things I love. 
Also the beautiful noise that is music. Food. And you. 

Quotes by springbaby

Will this 
I have to be strong for them, they are breaking down and so am I. But, I'll be strong for them. 
I believe in people.
More than anything else. 
The words they say are so heavy, I cannot stand tall for much longer. 
She escapes from the taunting words and cruel judgemental people with the aid of a blade. 
I adore you from afar and you shall never know. 
Friend: Come over.
Me: But, I don't wanna walk, I is lazy.
Friend: I have ice cream.
Me: I'm on my way!
Her head was filled with another world, with brave powerful characters and tragic back stories. And she travels through life not living.
Me: I'm in love
Friend: WHO?? WHO?? WHOO??? TELL ME!!!
Me: Food. It's just so perfect anf beautiful and-
Friend: OH SHUT UP, old cat lady
When one side of your hair looks absoulutely amazing, and the other looks the Mad Hatter gave you a makeover.