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Quotes by spudpie99

and there he stands,
fumbling with his locker combination. he's on the other
side of the halls and i'm staring sheepishly at him.  trying
to find the courage to go talk to the boy that i love
with all my heart, the boy who broke my heart,
the boy who still has my heart and the boy who i
want to have my heart and keep it safe.  i keep
my head up high and start walking.  he turns
around shutting his locker. and all i do is look with
a broken hearted expression on my face as he
watches me as i pass him, a l o n e and unloved
honey save your lies,
i know your game.  yeah, the one where you get the girl.
the one who's always got a smile plastered on her face
&who's always giggling in the halls. yeah, she's the one
who everyone thinks can't be b r o k e n. she's the one
who seems like your normal kind of girl with this amazing
guy holding her hand. yeah, now lets look a few weeks
ahead of us. oh theres that girl. she's got that fake smile
on her face&pretending to be okay.  she's got your face
going back and forth through her mind c o n s t a n t l y
with you 10 feet from her walking like nothing is wrong.
don't tell her you'll love her forever. because when she
looks at you. she knows you're f a k e r than ken's balls.
if i have learned anything
in the past 13 years. i now know that
during the worst parts of your life.
during the pain&agony. through
the burning tears streaming down
your face.  through the depression
and heartbreak. its going to be okay.
l  i  f  e   g  o  e  s   o n;</3
so she'got her
tears   r u n n i n g  down her cheeks, she's
laying    on    her    bed    with   her   pillows
smushed between her cheeks.  her face is
b  u  r  n  i  n  g.  her eyes stinging. his face
replaying constantly in her head over &&
over&&over again.    her body aching with
pain,she wonders what she did to have her
f    a    t    h    e    r           beat             her.            she
prays to god it's over&rocks back and forth
she holds her face c l o s e  to her pillow&&
squeezes it she stares at the door listening
for sound&asks god to just end things now.
here's to the
who have had their hearts broken.
who, at every 11:11  wish for that
one special guy who gives them
goosebumps&butterflies galore
to just text or call them.
heres to the girls who get up
early just to try and fit in. to
straighten or curl their hair
and burn their forheads on a
daily basis.  who stab them-
selves in the eye on accident
while trying to put mascara
on. and those girls who have
to see those boys on a daily
basis. knowing that they
can't have him.  even though
they'd give up everything
just to re-do all their mistakes
to make him be her man again.
heres to the girls who've ever
cried themselves to sleep
thinking why she wasn't
good enough, or why she
would make a mistake that
stupid.  so heres to the girls
who have been heartbroken,
who cry, who have ben&jerry
frequent buyer cards. who watch
the notebook  a million times
and hope she'll find her own
heres to the

&&i hate it when;

when you're having a bad day,
and something even worse
happens&makes it worse.

&&i hate it when;

you always want,
what you can't

w always  wan
  what doesn't want us back</3


&&i hate it when;

You pass him in the halls,
&all there is, is a sad glance
&a painful heartache.
&&i hate it when;

I hear Dora's obnoxious voice
on tv saying "And what was your
favorite part today!" "Well Dora,
if you ask me it's when your show
ended." &She goes "Mine too!"