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Quotes by Sarah Elizabeth♡*

I cannot  get myself to leave my bed, sometimes I feel sad...not depressed...but just sad for a few days and usually there's no one to talk to me about it, I don't need a whole big deal just talking normal conversation but instead I keep staying in bed until the last minute possible.
I hate being told that my problems and pain are nothing compared to others. I feel that everyone has their own level they can be pushed to, and I'm really at mine. Though, what gets even worse is that when I try to go to others with my problems and my pain they  make me feel little and like it's really nothing. I'm sorry my life isn't like yours, my problem and pain level will be a lot different then yours, I wish I wouldn't be afraid to tell you things.
Jealousy can really get the best of me, then anxiety kicks in giving my head a million bad thoughts a minute making me upset myself and want to curl up the rest of the day. Though, unfortunately I can't change myself..
I act this way because this is how I'm being treated, if you change the way you act towards me I will change the way I act.
Jealously and insecurities will always get the best of someone.
I always get my hopes up way too high and watch them come crashing dowm.
I stopped caring what anyone is doing anymore, I'm not going to please anyone of you. What ever happens at this point will happen, not my problem if any of them get hurt or hurt the other. If you're going to lie and hide things from me I'm not going to try..
You're letting yourself fade away and won't let me help you.
All you two are doing is hurting each othera and then dragging me into the middle of it. I wish you guys would figure out what you want and stop making us all so awkward. None of us know what to do around you.