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here is a little story of a girl who fell too hard ;;
samantha.marie.nardone ;; but call me sam [:

 im fourteeenn  , 15 march 2 &im a freshman
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\Been there*;
FUCKED that up.

    && i've become that girl i never wanted to be as a kid.
remember when we used to stay
up until 2 in the morning texting

yeah, I kinda miss that..


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i want to be skinny.


Im So Sorry;
im sorry im not a good daughter.
im sorry im not a good friend.
im sorry im not a good student.
im sorry im not a good girlfriend.
im sorry im not a good person.
im sorry i mess up,
i cheat
i lie
im sorry im not always there for you.
im sorry im not going to amount to
a n y t h i n g.
im sorry no one can be proud of me.
i m . s o r r y.

&& Its so much harder
knowing you have no one
when all you need, is
someone ...

&& they all said how good you were for me

they told me not to worry , you would never hurt me

and i was just starting to believe them

but you just proved them all wrong



stop being afraid of what could go wrong
and start thinking about what could go right 

&& she's actually starting to fall for him... 


&& that day will come ;;
when you need her ,
when you want her ,
when you will look around for her ,
but shes not gunna be there.
because starting tonight ,
shes g o n e

&& Its getting harder to pretend
that fake smile is real ;;
now im alone again
where do i begin?
i cry a little bit
please say theres no regrets
tell me you wont forget
i cant shake these feelings no more
im falling down
i know your not coming back around

a locked door
rusty razor
a towel
stained with red ;;
her emotions tangled  as the room begins to spin
she was
mommys perfect angel
daddys little girl
what went wrong?
you see this little girl used to smile so bright
but i watched it all fade away .
she screams at herself while looking in the mirror 
help her as shes collapsing on the cold hard floor
she wants to run , run away go far far away .
help this poor helpless little girl


&& it hurts knowing ....
you like my best friend now and theres nothing i can do to change that
and dnadfand