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faking smiles is my game. i love life..just kidding. but i do love most of the people in it. music is my heart and soul and i would DIE without it. my friends mean the world to me, and i would do ANYTHING for them. i'm the type of person who will say what they want when they want. some people would call this bitchy. but oh well.(; taylor swift&eminem are my idols and i would die if they died. i'm always on my phone, normally on witty.(: i think i spend 50% of my time on here. so there's this guy...must i say more? hehe. but i love skaters,hockey players, snake bites, and flippy hair. even though he is only one of the above. i'm scared to ruin what we have so i don't flirt with him much. i believe i am worthless, and i will find a way somehow to make everything and anything in the world  my fault. so feel free to blame it on me. i think i am trust worthy, but not many other people do, because i talk a LOT. trust is something hard to gain with me, and very few have it. none really know my life. i know i will be forever alone and i want children and a husband, but i don't think it'll happen. i'm sorry that there were so many words and i LOVE you if your still reading. anything and everything you wanna know about me will most likely either be in my favorite song at the time, or in my quotes. feel free to creep, it would make me smile.(: love you!& *-;

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Quotes by ssuummeerr143

You have got to be kidding. 
Witty was my escape. This is getting ridiculous.
What happened to "If a guy ever saw my witty I think I'd die."
JamesBrass=ever witty girls new obsession.
MattR1234 is now rating girls on their comment pages?
and theres PLENTY MORE. This is where girls come to get away
form guys, vent, smile, laugh, and cry.
The people on this site would witty creep and they would
go to someones page and just comment "your really pretty."
those random comments made my DAY. so i did it as much as i could.
it's okay to find those random guys on witty that actually use this
website, not just someone who comes on for attention.
I've been getting sick of this. It's not witty.
I don't even know what it is anymore.

I think I'm quitting. And it kills me..


i saw this couple today...
the girl had her head on his
shoulder and i could hear him whispering "i love you" into her ear.
i wish i had that feeling, that feeling where the only two people in the world, where your feeling like nothing could ever hurt you, that you're invincible.

if i was gone tomorrow,
 would anyone care? ♥ 


not my format.
only like half my quotee.
don't hate.♥

l o v e .

something that will probably kill you.
so that's why i choose not to believe in it.

s e c r e t l y ,
one day i      wished to be a model. not because i think i'm the
prettiest,     skinniest,    or the most graceful, but i want to feel
beautiful, and i thought that maybe if i saw myself in a magazine
or had people telling me i was while taking pictures of me all day
i would believe i was, that the scars on my arm wouldn't matter,
and     i     would     look     in     the     mirror     and             i
actually    liked  what  i  saw    .   but  your  words  killed    me.
" y o u ' r e   p r e t t y ,   j u s t   n o t   l i k e   m o d e l   p r e t t y . "
thank you for killing my secret dream.


if i cut my hair
if i change my clothes will you notice me? if i bite my lip, if i
say hello, will you notice me?  what's it gonna take for you to see
i want you to notice me.♥

the worst part about being lied toois
 knowing you weren't worth the truth. ♥

kissing test
1.hold you breath add a quote
3.copy and paste this quote

4.good now if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser   

i did it(:

Part of me really just wants
to fall hopelessly in .:love:. with him
and the other part just wants to [hit my slef] for thinking

not mine.