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faking smiles is my game. i love life..just kidding. but i do love most of the people in it. music is my heart and soul and i would DIE without it. my friends mean the world to me, and i would do ANYTHING for them. i'm the type of person who will say what they want when they want. some people would call this bitchy. but oh well.(; taylor swift&eminem are my idols and i would die if they died. i'm always on my phone, normally on witty.(: i think i spend 50% of my time on here. so there's this guy...must i say more? hehe. but i love skaters,hockey players, snake bites, and flippy hair. even though he is only one of the above. i'm scared to ruin what we have so i don't flirt with him much. i believe i am worthless, and i will find a way somehow to make everything and anything in the world  my fault. so feel free to blame it on me. i think i am trust worthy, but not many other people do, because i talk a LOT. trust is something hard to gain with me, and very few have it. none really know my life. i know i will be forever alone and i want children and a husband, but i don't think it'll happen. i'm sorry that there were so many words and i LOVE you if your still reading. anything and everything you wanna know about me will most likely either be in my favorite song at the time, or in my quotes. feel free to creep, it would make me smile.(: love you!& *-;

Taylor Swift. Eminem. The Academy Is... All American Rejects. All Time Low.  Asher Roth. Asking Alexandria. Avril Lavagine. B.o.B. Big Tymers. Biz Markie. Boys Like Girls. Bring Me The Horizion. Bullet For My Valentine. Camron. Chiddy Bang. A Day To Remember. The Devil Wears Prada. Diddy. Dido. Drake.  Escape The Fate. Good Charlotte. Green Day.
Jay-Z. Katy Perry. Ke$ha. Korn. Mayday Parade. NeverShoutNever. P!nk. Paramore. The Ready Set. A Rocket To The Moon. Sammy Adams. Secondhand Serenade. Simple Plan. Stereo Skyline.


Quotes by ssuummeerr143

My Favorite Time Of
the day is when i first wake 
up, because for those five seconds

i forget my actual life and
my dreams seem real.

But  .   its  .   gonna  .   be  .  my   .   year .

into the bathroom, lock the door.
collapse once more on the cold hard floor. grab a towel to drown out the screams. little do they know the girl isn't what she seems. when you're done breaking down, get rid of the frown. put on a smile you're so used to faking it almost looks real. grab the lighter, burn your wrist. but sweetie don't let a soul see you acting like this................................................................................................ ♥

a hand to hold...



screw bruno mars:
i want Nick Santino.
from a rocket to the moon.

right now is one of those
moments for me when i really
need to cry ;; but it's like stuck
in the back of
my throat ...yeah, it sucks.
 &+If i leave here tomorrow
would you still 
remember me.?


I want someone to love me            ;
i w a n t t h e m t o b e o r i g i o n a l ; ; ; k i n d a l i k e
a candle lit dinner  , but with domino's pizza  and  soda

> And every time they look at me
it's   ♥   like   ♥   the    ♥    first   ♥   time

i wand someone who will make fun of me and
i want them to make me a sandwhich . . . . . . . .  .
And tell me that  I'm  beautiful
I    w a n t    m a n y    t h i n g s     ///
But at the end of the day  . . .
[   *     ~     What      I      want      most     ~     *   ]
Is to be in  love


credit for the ediit.

you're right...
i did promise
you that i
would stop cutting, that why now...
i b u r n . . .
has ever asked

 if I'm okay
i always have  to
tell someone I' not...
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