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Brianna ^-^

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Okay, so yesterday I was with my Mom at Family Dollar right?
Well, we were leaving, and there was this boy probably around 8 or 9... he was helping his very old grandmother, who had trouble walking and seemed to blind, walk into the store. He was alone with her too. That made my day. 
The same day, I was reading the cover of a newspaper at the store while my mom was checking out, it had said the boy's grandmother had passed away in her rocking chair of a heartattack. The boy ahd found her, and when his mother came to pick him up, she found his sobbing quietly on the floor beside her. I almost burst into tears, but I quickly smiled becuase God had taken her away. ♥

One Direction Lyrics #1
"It feels like we've been living in fast forward, another moment passing by...(Up up up all night)"
(Up All Night - One Direction)

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One Direction is gonna be on SNL,
& if you knew about how perverted they are, you'd be excited as hell.

I would like to take the time to thank,
 Law & Order for getting us kids & parents prepared for Facebook. 



//&& Who Else Remembers...//
"Ohana means family."

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&& Who else...
has been a directioner since The X Factor?




One Direction fact #5
The boys have code language to talk about girls they see, without them knowing what they're saying.♥


One Direction fact #4
'What Makes You Beautiful' was NOT the first song One Direction sang all together, their first song was 'Torn'. ♥


One Direction Fact #3
Harry came up with the the name 'One Direction'. ♥