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Quotes by starfelt

we are amateurs
and far from good
from better
from best
but we still put
that pen to paper
the blisters on our
on those keys
and write.
it irritates me how
i get incredibly conscious
in front of someone
who doesn't
even know
i exist.


i believe the reason why i sleep so often is because i am afraid.

i am afraid of the outside world and the people in it. inevitably so, we all have to face it. but there is a period of time, a string of hours, where we are usually the most undisturbed. a span where there is no interaction with others and no criticism from others, if you sleep alone that is.

that period of time is sleep, and i find it surprisingly precious.

when i was young, i avoided it as much as possible. and now it is one of the things i yearn for the most
because when i sleep, i can appreciate the silence, the emptiness, and every space that lies in between.

AND         THAT            DISTURBS         ME
MORE                THAN                ANYTHING.

i have an issue of being nervous
and i analyze until i'm paralyzed.
sometimes even the smallest thing
will get my heart racing,
and i hate that so much.
there are times when you just have
to dismiss all thoughts,
but i can't
and the more you tell me
not to worry,
i worry.

i am the dust that collects on your most unused item
the smallest cluster of lint that you pick off your beloved sweater
the valueless box labeled 'toys' in your garage
the trivial workbooks given to you in kindergarten

i am the largest cloud that you mumble upon on a sunny day
the miniscule hole in the midpoint of your shirt
the tiny specks of brown and black embedded in your looseleaf paper
the dips in the sidewalk you avoid stepping in

i am the useless umbrella that fails to stay open
the blinds that never close properly
the mug that has a crack running down its side
the tags on your brand new clothing you rip off so violently

this is what i am and what i continue to be
and do not tell me otherwise
because we both know that your brain and your mouth
are saying opposite things


         i want to sit back on our hands
the blades of grass digging into our palms
       our legs splayed out in front of us
       and just stare up at the sky
the sky that we almost forget even exists
because we are so involved in other things
                  that don't even matter.

in the end, we're all just a bunch of people
S T A R I N G         A T          A        S C R E E N
and yet there is as much involvement in
petty drama  here  as  there  is  in  reality
i'm selfish
but it can't be helped
so long as you keep on existing